Management Consultants

BWA and the company’s expert staff have first-class experience in running top-line businesses in the Northern Territory. We have been engaged in on-going management assignments for more than two decades, including successful relationships with several Aboriginal-owned businesses and operations.

Our staff have “actually done it”, when it comes to building and running profitable businesses and managing projects to completion. And we have the necessary know-how and local knowledge to help you get it right in your business venture.

BWA has managed several large construction projects as Project Managers and has also acted as Fund Managers for Government-funded projects and grant dispersal, monitoring and reporting.

In partnership with our clients, BWA’s goal is to take the pressure off you, and we can help in the following ways:

  • Regular meetings with you to discuss any business development issues you may have;
  • The preparation of Business Plans, setting realistic growth objectives and a strategic path for your business;
  • A regular review of your company’s financial statements and key performance indicators to help you attend to costs or profitability issues;
  • The prepararation of cashflow, budgets and financial projections;
  • A review of business structures and the setting up of new structures (if and when required) to meet your business and financial objectives.

Are you facing unforeseen business setbacks? Need a solution quickly? BWA also accepts appointments for “quick fixes” and resolving “emergency” situations when businesses find themselves in troubled waters.We have successfully guided several enterprizes back from the brink and returned them to profitability. We look forward to discussing the right solutions to help your business move forward and ensure successful future development.

Benefits of BWA Management Consultants

“BWA has the necessary knowledge and know-how to help your business get it right”