Payroll Administration

Payroll Administration is a complex matter requiring expertise and includes such daunting tasks as wage and tax reporting, wage-hour law, payroll accounting and management, direct deposit, and much more.

We recommend to clients that they consider out-sourcing all their Payroll Processing to us, thus freeing up staff to apply their time to productive and income generating duties. BWA has constant up-to-date procedural knowledge that everyone with payroll responsibilities needs – and we can provide this service competitively.

BWA has fully electronic payroll data processing with direct credit to employees and CDEP participants financial institution account.

BWA already processes major payrolls every week and clients report major savings in time and removal of stress achieved by shifting this time consuming task out of the work place.

Benefits of BWA Payroll Administration

“BWA takes care of all your payroll matters – eliminating a time-consuming task”