Our Office

BWA maintains a modern, well-equipped office in the commercial area of Winnellie. This location is far more convenient than the CBD, as parking for clients and staff is so much easier, and all external facilities that that we call upon, such as banks are nearby.



Contact Us

Bob Woodward & Associates

1/9 Swan Crescent, Winnellie, NT 0820
GPO Box 2023, Darwin, NT 0801

08 8947 1111Telephone:
08 8984 4373Fax:
E-mail: bob@bwant.net

Our Staff

Bob Woodward bob@bwant.net
Kerbie Woodward kerbie@bwant.net
Kerry Mitchell kerry@bwant.net
Lillian Bisbal lilli@bwant.net
Sue Berger sue@bwant.net